• Mr Millar ‘carves’ the way at Resthaven Leabrook

    Mr Millar ‘carves’ the way at Resthaven Leabrook

    Resthaven Leabrook resident, Mr Lloyd Millar, is not one to shy away from creative expression, having recently inspired a new initiative onsite.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Shah Naz, says, ‘Mr Millar is always talking about his artworks, and his room is full of woodwork he’s carved in his old workshop.’

    ‘In September, I encouraged him to submit one of his pieces in our annual Leabrook Show. He chose to enter his hand-crafted wooden horse, which received a positive response from residents, families, and staff.’

    Two of Mr Millar’s tapestries

    Since then, Mr Millar has been inspired to continue his work, most recently creating two wooden flowers from pre-carved wooden blocks, while also dabbling in a different medium—tapestry.

    ‘He has already created so many artworks onsite and has shown interest to display them in the Main Hall, for everyone to enjoy.’

    Mr Millar’s enthusiasm has inspired the team at Resthaven Leabrook to offer a safe, dedicated space for Mr Millar to continue his woodwork, establishing a Men’s Group onsite.

    ‘We’ve had overwhelming support from families, who have kindly donated pieces of wood and other tools to get this space up and running.’

    ‘Many residents have told me they are excited to get back into the handy-work they enjoyed in their younger years, and it’s all thanks to our resident artist, Mr Millar.’

    Stay tuned!

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