• Pardeep Singh Dhot appointed as Senior Manager Residential Services

    Pardeep Singh Dhot appointed as Senior Manager Residential Services

    Resthaven is pleased to announce the appointment of Pardeep Singh Dhot to the position of Senior Manager Residential Services.

    Pardeep has an impressive depth of experience within the organisation, where he was first appointed as a Relieving Clinical Nurse in 2017. He has also worked in the positions of Relieving Care Coordinator and Relieving Manager Residential Services—working across all twelve of Resthaven’s residential aged care homes.

    ‘It’s really beneficial to be able to come into a site with fresh eyes and see what is working well and promote these positive actions across the whole organisation,’ Pardeep says.

    ‘Resthaven’s culture of appointing relieving staff (who work across all sites and go where they are needed at any particular time) has really empowered me to take learnings from one residential aged care home to another and for my personal growth as a professional.’

    Recognised as a future leader

    Taking a leap into a management role with another organisation in 2020, it wasn’t long before Pardeep saw an opportunity back at Resthaven and applied for the role that would see him return in May 2021.

    ‘Resthaven has always been my preferred place to work,’ Pardeep says. ‘I’ve worked for other organisations, including in the private sector, and the number one thing I see that Resthaven does really well is process. The structure, the governance—it’s really strong at Resthaven. And that’s really important to me.’

    Pardeep’s strong leadership skills were identified by the organisation, and he was included in the second cohort of the Resthaven Future Leaders Program in 2022.

    The internal leadership program commenced at Resthaven in 2021, with CEO Darren Birbeck leading the initiative, in collaboration with Andrew Stevens from Unchartered Leadership. Today, almost 50 Resthaven ‘future leaders’ have graduated from the course, with a fourth cohort planned for 2024.

    ‘Investing in employees is such a valuable thing to do, both for the individual and the organisation,’ Pardeep says.

    Resthaven looks out for its employees with a Professional Development Fund, Employee Assistance Program, and things like our physio program. Having managers who understand their staff and ensure everyone feels supported with good communication is a priority.’

    To further build his skills, Pardeep will soon commence study for his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a scholarship from the Australian College of Nursing.

    ‘I’m looking forward to developing my skills further and supporting my teams as they support the residents,’ Pardeep says.

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