• Resthaven Marion’s Musical Mornings with Volunteer, Roger

    Resthaven Marion’s Musical Mornings with Volunteer, Roger

    Volunteer, Roger Brealey, who facilitates the ‘Golden Memories’ singalong at Resthaven Marion, is combining his lifetime love of music with a desire to ‘do something good’ with older people.

    ‘I’ve been fiddling around with music since I was six,’ Roger says. ‘I turn 70 next month, and I still love it!’

    ‘As a child, I was hospitalised with rheumatic fever for two years. To keep me occupied, my father brought me in a mantlepiece radio – so I spent a lot of time listening to music.’

    ‘That’s where my love of music came from.’

    ‘Volunteering is an opportunity to revisit this hobby.’

    ‘I started volunteering because I have this huge music collection and wanted to share this with others who would enjoy this music. Initially, I thought I might come and play music for residents.’

    ‘Then I got into “Golden Memories”, which supply songs with videos for residents to sing along to.’

    ‘I visit Resthaven Marion every fortnight to facilitate the singalongs. I play songs mainly from the war years – a lot of music from the 40s and 50s.’

    ‘I think it gives residents the opportunity to reminisce – they all enjoy it.’

    ‘I find it quite special at the end of the show that they come up to me and say “that was terrific”, “loved it”, or “when are you coming back?”’

    ‘I just love the interaction, and the responses that residents have to the music; seeing the enjoyment on their faces.’

    ‘I always play Show me the way to go home at the end – the audience seems to hop into that very well.’

    ‘I leave here with a good feeling.’

    Roger admits that when he first started volunteering with Resthaven, he ‘didn’t quite know what to expect.’

    However, he quickly became comfortable, saying, ‘I had my interview, then I was provided with an orientation and shown around the site – I was really impressed by how professionally it was all done.’

    ‘Resthaven put a lot of resources towards volunteering.’

    ‘Also, the audiovisual facilities are first class at all the residential homes, so I’m very happy with that!’

    Every year throughout May, Resthaven celebrates volunteers with ‘Thank You’ High Teas across all areas. This year, the High Tea theme is ‘Hats off to volunteers!’

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