• Murray Bridge staff celebrate their service milestones

    Murray Bridge staff celebrate their service milestones

    On Friday 4 August, long-serving Resthaven staff – with 90 years of service between them – celebrated their service milestones of ten or fifteen years with an awards presentation at the Bridgeport Hotel.

    The group of long-serving staff, from both Resthaven Murray Bridge residential and community services, were joined by Board President, Mark Porter; CEO, Darren Birbeck; Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services Acting Manager, Tanya Boakes; and Resthaven Murray Bridge Relieving Manager, Charlie Roe.

    Charlie says, ‘It’s great we can show our long-serving staff how much their long service means to us.’

    ‘Everyone wants to be acknowledged.’

    ‘It’s a proud moment for Resthaven that we have so many long-serving staff.’

    When asked why Resthaven has so many long-serving staff in its ranks, Tanya says, ‘We focus on making sure our staff feel valued. If you look after the staff, and the staff will look after the organisation. It’s as simple as that.’

    The staff on the day echo this sentiment, with Resthaven Murray Bridge Clerical Assistant, Sheree Temby (10 years), saying, ‘I love working for Resthaven. I really enjoy working with people, and I have the privilege of working with really good managers.’

    ‘They have a real appreciation for commitment.’

    Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services Home Support Worker, Deb Wellstead (15 years), agrees, saying, ‘Resthaven has always been very supportive of me.’

    ‘I live in the hills, and when my boys started school, I needed flexible hours.’

    ‘Being a Home Support Worker, you can work your own hours, it’s very rewarding.’

    ‘My managers are always very approachable. If I have a problem with anything, they sort it out.’

    ‘Not to mention the great stories you hear in this job from older people – I just love working with them.’

    The lunch at the Bridgeport was a great success, with everyone agreeing that the service and food was ‘top notch.’

    Resthaven also holds staff appreciation events for staff in Mount Gambier, the Riverland, and metropolitan Adelaide. This year, 120 Resthaven staff across South Australia reached service milestones of ten years or more, with the largest milestone being an incredible 40 years. Sixteen staff members also comprise the Resthaven ‘30+ Club’.

    Pictured above at the Bridgeport Hotel (L-R) are Mark Porter (Board President), Sherie Pfeiffer (10 years), Tanya Boakes (Manager Community Services), Deb Wellstead (15 years), Joan Martin (15 years), Belinda Robinson (15 years), Letitia Mawere (15 years), Teresa Cole (10 years), Sheree Temby (10 years), Darren Birbeck (CEO) and Charlie Roe (Manager Residential Services). 

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