• ‘Thank you’ from 21 year old Resthaven scholarship recipient

    ‘Thank you’ from 21 year old Resthaven scholarship recipient

    Third year Bachelor of Physiotherapy student, 21 year old Liam McCabe, is a wonderful example of how the Resthaven 80th anniversary scholarship program benefits not just students, but the future aged care workforce, and older people requiring support.

    Liam says, ‘I am in my third year of Physiotherapy (Hons) at the University of South Australia.’

    ‘I am currently doing a research honours to give me an opportunity to pursue a PhD in the future.’

    ‘I have one sister and two brothers; my twin brother is also studying physiotherapy (Hons) with me. This allows us to bounce questions off each other and study together. My other two siblings are both nurses, so we are all in the health care sector and are passionate about person-centred care and healthcare objectives and goals.’

    ‘I have always been passionate about sport, and considered this would be my link within physiotherapy, but since finding a job as a physiotherapy assistant dealing primarily with NDIS patients, I am finding my goals, although still the same, included aged care as well.’

    ‘My drive is wanting to improve the health-life balance for those who require it, by working with clients to set achievable goals, and assisting them to reach their target through simple steps and perseverance.’

    ‘At all times, I aim to provide outstanding care, support, and ensure I respect patients’ personal beliefs and values.’

    ‘I wish to take this opportunity to thank Resthaven for the assistance of the scholarship I have been provided with, as it will support my learning and help to pursue my dream of working in aged care.’

    ‘This grant will also help to reduce the pressure financially so I can focus on my studies more.’

    ‘I will continue to place my studies first and achieve all goals to the best of my abilities.’

    ‘My love of sport and the aged care sector will be my main focus during my studies, and hopefully I can expand upon my knowledge to offer holistic care within this ever-growing sector.’

    ‘I would love to undertake a placement at Resthaven if possible in the future.’

    Thank you Liam, we wish you all the best for the future!

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