• Two Staff, 82 Years of Service at Resthaven Marion

    Two Staff, 82 Years of Service at Resthaven Marion

    Resthaven farewelled two very long-serving Resthaven Marion staff members into retirement, who, between them, have completed 82 years of service to the Resthaven Marion community.

    Jo Ford and Mira Trett, both of the housekeeping team, have served 38 years and 44 years respectively. What an amazing achievement!

    Manager Residential Services, Stephanie Steensma, says, ‘Both Jo and Mira were valuable and beloved members of the Resthaven Marion community, and we wish them all the best.’

    ‘With a cumulative 82 years of service between them, Jo and Mira have almost put in as many years as Resthaven itself, which celebrates 85 years in 2020!’

    ‘Jo and Mira are just two of a handful of Resthaven staff who have reached the milestone of 35 years or more, and Mira is the longest serving staff member at Resthaven, ever.’

    ‘All the best, Jo and Mira, and thank you!’

    Resthaven Marion was officially opened on 13 April, 1975, and is the largest of Resthaven’s twelve residential aged care homes located across South Australia.

    The Resthaven Marion ‘campus’ also comprises Resthaven Marion Community Services, Resthaven Community Respite Services, and an Independent Retirement Living village, covering the full range of support for older people.

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