• Volunteering with purpose

    Volunteering with purpose

    Resthaven Westbourne Park volunteer, Steph, started volunteering because she ‘wanted to do something meaningful.’

    ‘I was a hairdresser for eight years, but I really wanted to downscale,’ says Steph.

    ‘Now I work from home, which is great, and volunteer here at Resthaven Westbourne Park.’

    ‘I decided to volunteer because I wanted to do something with a real purpose.’

    ‘I’ll be studying leisure and health at TAFE next year, and volunteering at Resthaven is a really good way to gain more aged care experience.’

    ‘I just love spending time with older people. My nonna is my best friend!’

    In her volunteering role, Steph visits with people who live at Resthaven Westbourne Park, and together they share stories, take a stroll in the gardens, look through photo albums, or just enjoy each other’s company.

    Of her visits, Steph says, ‘I like to ask people about their lives, and talk with them about their memories.’

    It’s not just residents who benefit from the visits, with Steph saying, ‘I’ve learned a lot from the residents I spend time with.’

    ‘Volunteering makes you feel like you’ve done something good.’

    ‘You don’t have to give much, but that small amount is appreciated. It’s so rewarding.’

    Every year throughout May, Resthaven celebrates volunteers with ‘Thank You’ High Teas across all areas. This year, the High Tea theme is ‘Hats off to volunteers!’

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    or contact Volunteer Services: volunteer@resthaven.asn.au