• Volunteer loves dancing at Resthaven

    Volunteer loves dancing at Resthaven

    Marian dances her way into the hearts of Resthaven

    On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love in all its forms. At Resthaven, volunteers do what they love, not only by sharing a passion of theirs such as music or reading, but by forming meaningful connections with the older people they support.

    Resthaven Murray Bridge volunteer, Marian Allam, told us about the connection she shared with resident, Mrs Woolley, and the special moment that was captured on camera (pictured).

    Marian explains, ‘I have been volunteering with Resthaven for a few months now, and I enjoy mostly spending time with residents in the activity room, where we chat and play games together.’

    ‘The interactions I have with residents are all meaningful to me, and recently, I shared an extra special moment with Mrs Woolley.’

    ‘A group of us were sitting in the activity room one afternoon listening to the band play, and Mrs Woolley, who normally keeps to herself, got up from her chair and started dancing in the middle of the room!’

    ‘She was having a great time, and I found myself walking over to her and we began dancing together.’

    ‘She was so pleased that she had a dancing buddy, that she took my hand, and inspired other residents to join in.’

    ‘It was a beautiful moment and reminded me why I love volunteering. The connections we make are one of a kind.’

    There are many ways for volunteers to connect with older people. We would like to hear about your interests and discover how you might like to be involved.

    For more information, call us on 8373 9036, or email us at volunteer@resthaven.asn.au

    Alternatively, you can visit the Volunteering page.