• Words of wisdom from Limestone Coast centenarian

    Words of wisdom from Limestone Coast centenarian

    Happy birthday to Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services client, Mr Cyril Price, who celebrates his centenarian milestone on 3 August.

    The youngest of seven children, Mr Price grew up in regional Warrnambool, Victoria.

    ‘My father worked full-time on the railways, and my mother was busy looking after all of us.’

    ‘We had a lot of room to run around there, and we had plenty of fun making up our own activities with the landscape around us.’

    Mr Price married young, but the marriage didn’t last. It wasn’t long before he found his soulmate, and second wife, Faye.

    ‘We’ve been married for 63 years now, and we’ve never had a decent argument—we’re pretty well matched.’

    Mr and Mrs Price went on to have three children, while Mr Price painted houses for a living in their local area.

    Aside from his busy lifestyle, Mr Price always found time for his sports.

    ‘I played golf for 60 years, right up until I was 97. I also played cricket and did a lot of bike riding through the years. I was never one for football!’

    Mr Price also made sure to keep active with the family; ‘We had a caravan and would take the family to West Beach or Port MacDonnell for summer holidays. We had a great time travelling together.’

    After a few years in their Warrnambool home, the family relocated to Mount Gambier, and never left.

    ‘I am thankful to continue living in my own home, with the support of Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services.’

    As Mr Price reaches his 100th birthday, he shares his words of wisdom, ‘I never drank alcohol, or smoked. That’s the key.’

    ‘My advice to the younger generations is to mind your own business, put your head down, and work. You must work hard to play hard!’

    Mr Price looks forward to celebrating his milestone with a party at the Mount Gambier Golf Club, surrounded by friends and family.

    Many happy returns, Mr Price!

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