• Come one, come all!

    Come one, come all!

    The past couple of weeks have been busy across Resthaven, with residents and staff alike ‘showing’ off their many talents during the Royal Adelaide Show.

    Resthaven Aberfoyle Park began their site event on Monday 4 September, debuting with a visit from Farmer Darcy and her travelling farm.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Cheryl Bajszi says, ‘Residents were acquainted with an alpaca named Mac, and a 10-hour-old piglet named Babe, among many other animals. They just love it when Farmer Darcy pays a visit.’

    Throughout the rest of the week, residents participated in games, flower arranging, craft fun with their local Bunnings staff, a concert, and cake decorating.

    ‘To wrap up our week-long show event of madness, mystery, and events, we had “Mystic Madame Nick”, the fortune teller, read our fortunes.’

    ‘Residents complimented the creative, fun events facilitated by our staff.’

    Meanwhile, over at Resthaven Westbourne Park, residents were enjoying their own themed event across multiple days.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Rachael Ross says, ‘We started with a visit from Old McDonalds Travelling Farm, where residents had an opportunity to interact with a variety of farm animals.’

    We had rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, and even a lamb visit us! Residents enjoyed holding the small, cute animals, while also watching the larger ones chase each other around the room. It was a lot of fun!’

    ‘We then held a presentation about the history of the Royal Adelaide Show and reminisced about our favourite foods, stalls, showbags and even scary rides! It was nice to share all our experiences with the show, as we have all been there at least once over the years!’

    Resthaven Leabrook weren’t far behind in their festivities.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Shah Naz says, ‘It was an amazing day. We displayed flowers, fruits, food, crafts, and welcomed two enthusiastic dogs!’

    ‘Residents, their families, and staff contributed to make this event successful.’

    What a marvellous week to be at Resthaven!

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