• Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff

    Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff

    As part of the Multicultural Workforce Development (MCWD) Project, Resthaven, in conjunction with Flinders University and Anglicare SA, has produced a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC).

    The online course, developed by the project team, including  Lily Xiao and colleagues Eileen Willis, Ann Harrington, David Gillham, Anita De Bellis, Wendy Morey and Lesley Jeffers, was launched on Wednesday 21 June 2017, at the 4th International Conference on Ageing in a Foreign Land conference hosted by Flinders University.

    Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff - booksThe MOOC is designed to help both Australian-born and overseas-born aged care staff and volunteers to enhance cross-cultural quality of care (including dementia and end of life care), leadership, and workplace cohesion.

    ‘The course was trialled at two Resthaven sites – Leabrook and Murray Bridge – by the project team’, says Wendy Morey, Executive Manager Workforce Development and Governance.

    ‘We employed a facilitator and two site champions for the project. They gathered data throughout the research project, and supported the trial of the MOOC.

    ‘It was interesting to read project reports which noted that residents thought the multicultural diversity of staff was an attraction, rather than a problem, with one resident saying “Oh, what I find good and fascinating is actually the range of different races and cultures here”.’

    ‘It was also positive to find that when there are communication issues (hearing impairment, understanding accents), residents facilitate their own ways of communicating their needs, such as using body language.’

    The self-directed MOOC course comprises five linked education modules, and features staff and resident case studies, and self-reflection questions.

    This free course, funded by the Australian Government, is available through Australian MOOC provider Open Learning.

    To access the MOOC and join the course, click here

    Wendy is pictured showing Jonathan Martinez the resources produced to support the online learning program.


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