• Resthaven Restorative Care Success

    Resthaven’s Short-Term Restorative Care program supports clients with their wellness and reablement goals.

    David kayaking restorative care

    David, a Resthaven Community Services client, has Parkinson’s Disease. He had motivated himself to improve his physical strength, to achieve his goals of regaining independence in his daily living tasks, and—ultimately—returning to his passion of kayaking on the Murray River.

    ’David was assessed under the restorative care program, and given a set of exercises to undertake to make improvements to targeted physical weaknesses, including balance and dexterity,’ says Sue McKechnie, Executive Manager, Community Services.

    ‘David’s poor dexterity was impacting on his ability to dress himself. His exercise program incorporated ‘thera–putty’ exercises, hand manipulation and fine finger movements. Independent living aids to assist with dressing were also provided.’

    ‘Following a physiotherapy assessment that recommend he work on his core and upper body strength, it was then recommended that he join the Resthaven Marion Community Services Parkinson’s Support Group, falls and balance classes and, centre-based gym sessions.’

    ‘A home-based exercise program was then developed, and equipment provided, so David could continue his exercise at home.’

    ‘Since then, David’s condition and balance has markedly improved, dramatically reducing his risk of falling. He is also managing with his daily tasks much better.’

    ‘David says his lethargy has left him, and he feels his overall sense of wellbeing is much improved.’

    ‘The great news is that David has been able to return to his passion of kayaking, with help of his friends. It was a very emotional moment for him, when first getting back on the water—and it is a very just reward for his commitment and motivation.’

    ‘He continues with exercise classes and attendance at the Parkinson’s Support Group.’

    Resthaven is an official provider of the Federal Government’s Short-Term Restorative Care program in South Australia.

    ‘Restorative care is a time-limited allied health intervention. The program offers eight weeks of specific restorative care, and this can play a valuable role in reablement.’

    ‘Once ability is strengthened, maintenance of exercise programs and allied health support can enable clients to continue to enjoy the benefits the program brings.’

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