• ‘In aged care, every day is a new day’

    ‘In aged care, every day is a new day’

    Jasmine Fox, Enrolled Nurse; A story of career progression.

    Resthaven Westbourne Park Enrolled Nurse, Jasmine Fox, has worked for Resthaven for eighteen years – and she still loves her job now just as much as when she started.

    ‘I started as a Housekeeping Assistant at Resthaven Marion, serving breakfast and lunch,’ she says.

    ‘I then worked in a relieving role for a while, before I saw a [permanent] job at Resthaven Malvern, doing the evening shift and dinner service.’

    However, Jasmine had bigger plans, and decided to do her Certificate III in Aged Care. Upon completion of this, she was employed at Resthaven Malvern as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA).

    Whilst continuing to work as a PCA, Jasmine completed her Certificate IIII in Lifestyle, which eventually took to her to Resthaven Marion, then Resthaven Westbourne Park, as a Lifestyle Assistant.

    Although she loved lifestyle, Jasmine missed ‘being involved in day to day care, and supporting residents’ health.’

    ‘I spoke about it with Resthaven Clinical Nurse, Workforce Development, Julie Tansing, who arranged for Resthaven to sponsor me to complete my Diploma of Enrolled Nursing through RDNS.’

    ‘Resthaven supported me not just with study, but through different times in my life,’ Jasmine says.

    ‘Whenever I needed time off for my daughter, or if I had health issues, I always felt Resthaven were very supportive of that.’

    Now working as an Enrolled Nurse, Jasmine is revelling in her role, although she admits that ‘working as an EN can be quite hectic – but I feel well supported.’

    ‘I have the ability to talk to my Manager if there’s a problem. People are very approachable. My Manager is lovely.’

    Jasmine’s calm, caring approach embodies Resthaven’s values of trust, dignity, and choice.

    ‘It’s so important to support residents in their individual choices, and support their independence,’ she says.

    ‘Dignity is a very big thing here; we always make sure that people’s dignity is intact.’

    ‘In aged care, every day is a new day. You have to know the people you’re looking after. You have to know how to support them if they’re having an off day.’

    ‘Every individual is different.’

    ‘Some days are harder than others, but I don’t mind. I’m here for the residents, and whatever they need.’

    ‘We are a service industry. When you go somewhere, you want good customer service – and your hard work is rewarded at the end of the day with a cheeky smile or a joke.’

    ‘I feel happy coming to work, and you can’t ask for more than that.’

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