• Retirement living: The ‘best thing we ever did’

    Retirement living: The ‘best thing we ever did’

    Resthaven Marion Retirement Living residents, Mrs Beverley (Bev) and Mr Lawrie Warschauer, say that moving into retirement living was ‘the best thing we ever did.’

    Bev explains, ‘Nearly four years ago, we were living in our house down at Moana, but it was so far away from everything. This is far more convenient.’

    ‘Here, we’re nice and close to medical facilities, and there’s the community facility [Resthaven Marion Community Services] just next door.’

    ‘Lawrie goes to the Parkinson’s Support Group, and I go to Tuesday Tai Chi, the physiotherapist, and the podiatrist.’

    ‘It’s so handy, we just walk over.’

    ‘We also like living here because of the security; it’s a safety thing. We feel very secure.’

    ‘The cost is affordable, and it’s convenient to everything.’

    Interestingly, Beverley’s father, Rev SK Wiseman, was the Administrator [now Chief Executive Officer] for Resthaven in the late 60s and early 70s, during which time the Resthaven Marion residential aged care home was opened.

    It is fitting, then, that the couple are now living at the adjacent retirement living village, where they not only enjoy a secure lifestyle, but a great social life, too.

    ‘We get along with everyone,’ Bev says.

    ‘The social life is what you make of it.’

    Regular activities and events are held in the communal area at the centre of the village. Bev says, ‘Just last weekend we had a [football] grand final lunch, and we have activities every Thursday afternoon.’

    ‘We do a monthly “chat day”, where we celebrate everyone’s birthday in that month; we have a special cake and everyone sings “Happy Birthday”’.

    There are also books, games, tea and coffee, and an undercover patio, with a new barbeque supplied by Resthaven.

    Bev says, ‘If people are thinking of moving to retirement living, I will tell them to just put their names down, and the sooner the better.’

    ‘We really like it here. I think we think it’s the best thing we ever did.’

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