• 15 year volunteer retirement

    In October, Resthaven Westbourne Park residents and staff fondly farewelled volunteer, Mrs Colin Edwards, who has volunteered with Resthaven for 15 years. ‘For 15 years Col has supported the School for Seniors group and has been a breath of fresh air and will be dearly missed,’ says Volunteer Services Manager, Stacey Thompson. ‘We farewelled her … Continued

    Hats off to volunteers!

    On 2 May, Resthaven Leabrook celebrated the first of many events to thank volunteers for their engagement, heart, time, and talent, and the difference this makes in the lives of people at Resthaven. Everyone joined in with the event theme, Hats off to volunteers! Many interesting, colourful and elaborate hats were on show as everyone … Continued

    Resthaven Marion’s Musical Mornings with Volunteer, Roger

    Volunteer, Roger Brealey, who facilitates the ‘Golden Memories’ singalong at Resthaven Marion, is combining his lifetime love of music with a desire to ‘do something good’ with older people. ‘I’ve been fiddling around with music since I was six,’ Roger says. ‘I turn 70 next month, and I still love it!’ ‘As a child, I … Continued

    Volunteering at Resthaven Northern Community Services

    Jenny makes a difference

    Resthaven Northern Community Services volunteer, Jenny Keegan, is making a real difference in the lives of older people. ‘I love volunteering with Resthaven – seeing the smiles on people’s faces, listening to their experiences,’ she says. ‘It’s so important to show older people that we care, by listening, being there and not treating them any … Continued

    Volunteering with purpose

    Resthaven Westbourne Park volunteer, Steph, started volunteering because she ‘wanted to do something meaningful.’ ‘I was a hairdresser for eight years, but I really wanted to downscale,’ says Steph. ‘Now I work from home, which is great, and volunteer here at Resthaven Westbourne Park.’ ‘I decided to volunteer because I wanted to do something with … Continued

    Art classes with volunteer Moni at Resthaven Bellevue Heights

    Moni feels ‘a lot more confident,’ since she started volunteering with Resthaven. ‘It’s helped me a lot,’ Moni says. ‘I’m helping residents, but at the same time, they’re helping me.’ Moni volunteers once a week from 10am – 3pm supporting the lifestyle program at Resthaven Bellevue Heights, 47 Eve Road, Bellevue Heights. ‘I accompany residents … Continued

    Resthaven Malvern Volunteer Connection

    When 21 year old Resthaven Malvern volunteer, Nic, sat down with 90 year old Marna, the two were delighted by how much they had in common. No surprise really, when you consider that both have a deep passion for helping others, which led them both to their volunteer roles. Marna volunteered with Resthaven Malvern for … Continued

    Volunteer Pastoral Care

    Resthaven’s Coordinating Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants offer a welcoming presence at all eleven residential aged care homes. Resthaven’s volunteer Chaplain’s Assistant team is vital in supporting each site Coordinating Chaplain to provide pastoral support to residents. Resthaven Westbourne Park Chaplain’s Assistant, Joan Bennett (pictured left with Manager, Marian Greenshields), recently finished in the role. She … Continued

    Volunteer Clown Delights at Resthaven Murray Bridge

    Volunteer, Sue South, is delighting residents at Resthaven Murray Bridge with her weekly visits as ‘Starbright’ the clown. Sue enjoyed a twenty year career in aged care before her retirement and subsequent volunteer role. ‘It was great to get back into the industry again; I was feeling like I needed to be back in the … Continued

    1079 Life FM visits Resthaven for National Volunteers Week 2017

    Every year in May, Resthaven thanks volunteers for their commitment, enrichment and joy they bring to Resthaven. We admire the vital support they provide, by hosting Thank You High Teas across all areas of Resthaven. The High Tea theme for 2017 is: The threads of life – a yarn starts with “hello”. This year, Jodie the Roady … Continued

    Visiting volunteer buddies brighten lives at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    At Resthaven Mount Gambier, visiting volunteer ‘buddies’ bring a little company and cheer to those residents who may have few visitors or are not socially outgoing. Lifestyle Coordinator, Meredith Simons, says, ‘The visiting volunteer Buddy Program is designed for those residents who choose not to attend the Lifestyle activities on offer, for whatever reason, and … Continued

    Volunteers support the ‘Old School’ at Resthaven Port Elliot

    Sandy Berg has only recently started volunteering with Resthaven, and she is already making a great impression. Sandy supports the wellness groups held through Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services, at the Port Elliot ‘Old School’. Occupational Therapist, Caroline Tenny, says, ‘We are delighted to have Sandy assisting us at the Old School.’ ‘She … Continued

    Musical volunteer at Resthaven Mitcham

    Volunteer, Les May, 96, continues to delight residents at Resthaven Mitcham with his ‘musical affairs’ radio program. Lifestyle Coordinator, Sylvia Ortiz, says, ‘Musical Affairs’ began in 2011 with only a handful of residents once a fortnight.’ ‘Now, it is a weekly occurrence, with around 30 participants.’ ‘Les presents an hour long program of songs based … Continued

    Volunteer Week 2017 Kicks off at Resthaven

    The Roadies from LifeFM visited head office on Monday 8 May to present Stacey Thompson, Manager, Volunteer Services, Stacey Thompson with a ‘Heart for Adelaide’ certificate (an award to recognise volunteers) as part of their ongoing promotions, and chat with a group of Resthaven volunteers. The volunteers will have a chance to talk about why … Continued